Thursday, March 12, 2015

vmware nfs mounts go a-asking

vmware esx servers don't pick up nfs mounts if they go away. here's how to get them going again:

/vmfs/volumes # esxcfg-nas -l
/vmfs/volumes # esxcfg-nas -d mount
/vmfs/volumes # esxcfg-nas -a -o nfsserver -s nfsexport localmount
in practice:
~ # esxcfg-nas -l
vm-crap is /opt/vm-crap from mounted
~ # esxcfg-nas -d vm-crap
NAS volume vm-crap deleted.
~ # esxcfg-nas -a -o -s /opt/vm-crap vm-crap
Connecting to NAS volume: vm-crap
vm-crap created and connected.
~ # exit
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