Tuesday, March 24, 2015

irc logs to intranet; or the joy of ngnix, weechat, mosh, screen and irc2html

what did i say again?
 irc logs to intranet  
 ngnix homedir  
 location ~ ^/~(.+?)(/.*)?$ {  
   alias /home/$1/www$2;  
   autoindex on;  
 weechat & mosh  
 apt-get update  
 apt-get install weechat  
 apt-get install weechat-curses  
 apt-get install screen  
 apt-get install mosh  
 ufw allow 60000:61000/udp  
 logger@host mosh -- screen -D -RR weechat weechat-curses  
     mobile ssh        screen option sessionname program  
 detach screen session:  
 crtl+A D  
 reattach screen session:  
 screen -ls  
 screen -R sessionname  
 logger@host:~# screen -ls  
 There are screens on:  
     2171.weechat  (01/30/2015 11:21:00 AM)    (Detached)  
 1 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-logger.  
 logger@host irclog2html ~/.weechat/logs/*.log ; mv ~/.weechat/logs/*.html *.css ~/public_html/  
 if ngnix autolog is off:  
 logger@host cd ~/public_html/logs ; tree -H . > index.html  
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