Tuesday, May 16, 2017

no studio 12.5 for you

The situation can be summarized as "you have installed Solaris Studio 12.5 on a platform, T1000, that is not supported". 

To give you a more detailed explanation of what is happening, everything starts from 

Bug 26080816 - "Backport 25993568 - man page for -xarch=generic is wrong for SPARC to 12.5" 

which has as base bug 

Bug 25993568 - man page for -xarch=generic is wrong for SPARC 

This last bug basically says that the man page for "CC", "cc" and "f90" compilers is wrong as it says that they have been compiled with the flag "-xarch=generic" while in the reality it has been compiled with "-xarch=sparcvis2". The usage of this last flag means that the aforementioned binaries coming with the Solaris Studio 12.5 installation need that the HW system they run on MUST advise VIS instruction set to be able to run on the system. 

After an internal discussion with Solaris OS and HW Support, it seems that T1 systems (so T1000 and T2000) do not advise VIS 

The use of VIS instructions for Niagara is deprecated, the performance of even the implemented VIS instructions will often be below a comparable set of non-VIS instructions. so intentionally VIS was not enabled/advertised for T1 in hwcaps/isalist. 
T1 supports a subset of VIS1 and only the siam instruction from VIS2. And the OS fills in the gaps via software emulation for the rest. Those platforms are quite a bit past their "use by" date. And I've found that the very latest compilers don't even run on older versions of Solaris any more. 

From Solaris Studio Support there was lack of information in the product release notes, therefore the following bug has been filed to document that T1000 and T2000 are not supported by Solaris Studio 12.5+ 

Bug 26080849 - Backport 26052198 - release notes need to warn about UltraSPARC T1 to 12.5 docs 

runas someone else

 runas /user:domain\username cmd.exe  

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

rrdtool 32bit to 64bit conversion hack.

 i have a 32-bit system i am retiring and replacing with a 64-bit system.  
 i need to move a scad rrd files. a simple copy to system and pray that it still works would be too easy.  
 on the 32-bit system:  
 ~ cd /dir  
 ~ for f in *.xml; do rrdtool restore ${f} `echo ${f} | cut -f1 -d .`.rrd; done  
 ~ scp *.xml me@64bit:/there  
 convert the xml files to rrd files on the 64-bit system  
 ~ for f in *.xml; do rrdtool restore ${f} `echo ${f} | cut -f1 -d .`.rrd; done  

Friday, May 5, 2017

sudo and sss and email messages

 i've been getting lotsa messages from su about stuff.  
 nano -w /etc/nsswitch.conf  
 sudoers:    files sss  
 remove the sss  
 sudoers:    files  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

no more mail from root@domain

vi /etc/email-addresses  
 root: someone@somewhere  
 no more root@domain