Monday, January 7, 2013

samba wins flags

because it is fun making linux machines pretend they're nt4 boxes.
edit /var/lib/samba/wins.dat for fun and profit:
wins flags for NetBIOS

On the WINS server, there is a NetBIOS name for each service a NetBIOS computer offers. This uses the 16th hidden character of the NetBIOS names.  The same flags are used in lmhosts entries.

The characters and their meanings are:

 00 - Workstation service (Domain name) or (Workgroup name) or (Computer name)
 03 - Messenger service (Computer name) or (User name)
 06 - RAS server service (Computer name)
 1B - Primary domain controller (Domain name)
 1C - Domain controller or PDC or BDC (Domain name)
 1D - Master browser (Domain name)
 1E - servers only; indicates the computer would become a browser if requested.. (Domain name) or (Workgroup name)
 1F - NetDDE service (Computer name)
 20 - Server service (Computer name)
 21 - RAS client (Computer name)
 BE - Network Monitoring Agent service (Computer name)
 BF - Network monitor utility service (Computer name)
here's a nice snippet of wins.dat for a domain. the zilch means permanent record.
"AWESOME#1d" 0 e4R
"AWESOME#1e" 0 e4R
"AWESOME#1b" 0 e4R
"AWESOME#1c" 0 e4R
"AWESOME#00" 0 e4R
1d is very important if you want other systems that are using wins to not preempt the domain master browser if their os is "higher."
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