Friday, December 21, 2012

re-ip re-ip re-ip sol11.

solaris 11 re-ip process...

root@sunbox:# svcs svc:/network/physical:nwam

STATE          STIME    FMRI
disabled       Nov_03   svc:/network/physical:nwam

yes.  not using nwam.  i was smart.  for once.

make sure you have ncp turned off.  you never need it.  really.

root@sunbox:# netadm enable -p ncp DefaultFixed

root@sunbox:# ipadm show-addr
ADDROBJ           TYPE     STATE        ADDR
lo0/v4            static   ok 
net0/v4           static   ok 
lo0/v6            static   ok           ::1/128
net0/v6           addrconf ok           fe80::9a4b:e1ff:fe7c:e268/10

we're changing the ip address and mask.  one line it:

root@sunbox:# ipadm delete-addr net0/v4 ; ipadm create-addr -T static -a net0/v4 ; route -p add default

update dns.  yissss:

svccfg -s network/dns/client
setprop config/search = astring: ("" "")
setprop config/nameserver = net_address: (
select network/dns/client:default
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