Monday, May 10, 2010

solaris 10, your mounts are hanging

On Solaris10 machines, eventhough, 

mount -o vers=3 host:/remotedir /localdir

Is specified, the NFS client will not properly mount the NFS share; in automounter
it will not show up, or "not owner" error message will appear when manaully 

To resolve the issue, set NFS version to be compatible with earlier version of NFS 
by forcing nfs-version 3 for clients:

Edit /etc/default/nfs - change NFS_CLIENT_VERSMAX=3

Restart nfs client:
svcadm restart nfs/client 

test example:
mount -F nfs -o rw,vers=3 server:/export /tmp/import/

Restart automounter by issuing:
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