Wednesday, May 27, 2015

na_admin gone! from netapp after factory reset

Do I care? Minimally. Let's see if we can make this happen.
 I reinstalled my Netapp 2240-4. Yes!  
 I go here:  
 And I see:  
 Error 500, Servlets not enabled.  
 filer> options http  
 la la la set them to be:  
 httpd.access         legacy  
 httpd.admin.access      legacy  
 httpd.admin.enable      on  
 httpd.admin.ssl.enable    on  
 httpd.enable         on  
 httpd.rootdir        /vol/vol0/home/http  
 filer> option httpd.admin.enable on  
 Step 2.  
 download the appropriate DATA ONTAP version from NetApp and place it on a web server. Say, apache. I like apache.  
 I'm putting it on the local filesystem:  
 Edit /etc/apache/available-sites/000-default  
   Alias /netapp "/store/netapp/"      
   <Directory "/store/netapp/">  
     Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks  
     DirectoryIndex README  
     AllowOverride None  
     Order deny,allow  
     Deny from all  
     Allow from ::1/128  
     Allow from  
 Restart apache.  
 See if your link works:  
 Of course it does.  
 Step 4.  
 On the console issue an update request:  
 filer> software update http://server/netapp/814P1_q_image.tgz -f -R  
 Nice things will scroll by. The most important is:  
 software: installation of 814P1_q_image.tgz completed  
 filer> reboot  
Still nope. Sigh.
Update from NetApp:

FilerView is no longer available on systems running Data ONTAP 8.1 or later releases. You can use System Manager as a web-based graphical management interface to manage common storage system functions from a web browser.

For more information about System Manager, see the NetApp Support Site.

Reference KB Article: FilerView error: Error 500: Servlets not enabled
And there we go.
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