Tuesday, August 27, 2013

alom & booting from cdrom

serial null-modem cable between the RJ45 serial port on the
back of the v210/v240/v440 server and your PC laptop COM1 serial port.

  Set the MS windows Hyperterminal program
  in your laptop to run to COM1 8 bits 1 stop bit
  no parity 9600 Bps.

  start hyperterminal

   press Enter to get a prompt

  Logon to the servers  ALOM software

        You may need to read this manual If you have never used ALOM


   sc >  poweroff      ( wait 2-3 minutes until it says it has
                         powered off. )

   sc >  poweron

   sc > console

     Normal machine startup appears .
     as soon as you see the OBP banner
     exit the console by typing

      #.       ( Hashmark dot )   Then quickly issue the command.

   sc > break -y

   sc > console

    and you should see the OPB  prompt

   Ok >

    then  do

   setenv auto-boot? false

   to prevent autoboot until you have fixed the system by
   reinstalling or whatever.
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