Tuesday, March 12, 2013

high performance data transfers

so, if it isn't the encryption algos, it has got to be the window size, right?

this made my day. hopefully it'll make yours, too.

go here:

get this:

get this:

do this:
#  cd /usr/local/src/
#  gunzip openssh-6.1p1-hpn13v14.diff.gz 
#  tar xvfz openssh-6.1p1.tar.gz 
#  cd openssh-6.1p1
#  patch < ../openssh-6.1p1-hpn13v14.diff 
#  ./configure && make
#  make install
your magic is in /usr/local/bin. this may not get you love or riches, but it will speed up data transfers when you've realized jumbo frames isn't the answer to all things.
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