Wednesday, October 24, 2012

solaris 11 zone creation & cloning notes

this is for me and me alone. i'll prettify it eventually.

prepare zfs. export is a good place to start.
zfs create rpool/export/zones

create the virtual NIC:

Create 1 vnic for each zone you want to run:
dladm create-vnic -l net0 vnic1

To see the VNIC you have just added:
dladm show-vnic

We're doing exclusive IP-type zones.

Create a profile for the system.
sysconfig create-profile -o /tmp/zone1.xml

Create Zone

zonecfg -z zone1
set zonepath=/exports/zones/zone1
set ip-type=exclusive
set autoboot=true
add net
set physical=vnic1
add dedicated-cpu
set ncpus=1
add fs
set dir=/opt/SUNWspro
set special=/opt/SUNWspro
set type=lofs
set dir=/opt/csw
set special=/opt/csw
set type=lofs

Now, install the zone with pre-populated settings:
zoneadm -z zone1 install -c /tmp/zone1.xml

Boot the zone:
zoneadm -z zone1 boot

; sol10
To finish the process login to the zone:
zlogin -C zone1

; sol11
zlogin zone1

create an xml file for system 0-state
sysconfig create-profile -o /tmp/zone1.xml

then import said xml file
sysconfig configure -g system -c /tmp/zone1.xml

zoneadm -z zone1 halt & reboot.

Clone Zone
zonecfg -z zone1 export > zone1clone.cfg
zonecfg -z zone1clone -f zone1clone.cfg
zoneadm -z zone1clone clone -c /root/profiles/zone1clone.xml zone1

NB zone1clone.xml is an edited copy of zone1.xml .  i put under root.
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