Friday, January 27, 2012

annoying pkgadd dependency chains be gone

one of the bum deals about pkgadd - sun's answer, i guess to rpm installs - is that you can try to add a package to a system and the install can fail if you don't have all the right dependencies. however, now some coolio folks wrote a util that downloads and checks dependencies if you're grabbing the open software from opencsw.

here's how to get pkgutil and install, say libstdc++5

# pkgadd -d
# vi ~/.bash_profile 

add /opt/csw/bin to your path

# pkgutil -i libstdc++5

crap.  it installs to /opt/csw/bin.

# ln -s /opt/csw/lib/ /usr/lib
# ln -s /opt/csw/lib/ /usr/lib
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