Friday, July 22, 2011

who the heck has been goofing with my nfs exported data?

if you work in a big linux shop, you'll probably find yourself wondering who is altering and maybe deleting nfs data. nfs, as a general rule, does not have logging. if you daemonize the below, you'll get all the logs you want, and more.


$PIDFILE = "/var/run/";
$LOGFILE_BASE = "/var/log/nfs-remove-monitor";
$EXIT = 0;

if ( -e $PIDFILE ) {
        $PID = `cat $PIDFILE`;
        `kill -HUP $PID`;
        $DATE=`date +%F`;
        chomp $DATE;
        unlink "$LOGFILE_BASE.$DATE.log";
        unlink "$LOGFILE_BASE.$DATE.log.bz2";
        rename "$LOGFILE_BASE.log", "$LOGFILE_BASE.$DATE.log";
        unless (fork()) {
                sleep 5;
                `bzip2 -9 $LOGFILE_BASE.$DATE.log`;

open PID, ">$PIDFILE";
print PID $$;
close PID;

open LOG, ">$LOGFILE_BASE.log";
$STDOUT = select LOG;
select $STDOUT;

open TCPDUMP, "tcpdump -vvvvvv -l -i any -s 0 tcp 2>/dev/null |";
select $STDOUT;

$SIG{HUP} = sub { $EXIT = 1; };

while ($line = ) {
        if ($line =~ /remove/) {
                print LOG $line;
        last if $EXIT;

close TCPDUMP;
close LOG;

don't forget to rotate your logs...
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