Thursday, May 12, 2011

microsoft dhcp and me

I like to use dhcpd on a Linux box because I can set all kinds of options, like giving search suffixes to my DHCP clients. Microsoft Windows Server iterations have no such option - or so you're told. By default, yes, this isn't an option, but at least in Server 2008, you can add new DHCP options to include the DHCP-supplied option. To do as such:

1.  Open the DHCP mmc
2.  Expand DHCP, select DHCP server name.
3.  Right Click IPv4
4.  Select "Set Predefined Options"
5.  Click Add.

A new window appears

6.  Enter the following:
Name: "Domain suffix search order" (without quotation marks)
Data Type: String
Code: "135" (without the quotation marks)
Description: "List of domain suffixes in order" (without the quotation marks)
String: Enter search suffixes separated by comma with no spaces
7.  Click OK.
8.  Close DHCP MMC and restart DHCP Server Service.

Now, re-open the DHCP mmc, scroll to the end of the DHCP options, and the newly created option will appear.
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