Wednesday, August 25, 2010

solaris 10, i need to know what your packages do

solaris 10 can be really annoying.  let's say you want to install the ldap client and various nfs client utilities... well the package names on the install dvd (iso) aren't too helpful.  here's what they are...

#  key to package installation file systems (where specified):
#  -----------------------------------------------------------
#    [r] - installs in /
#    [u] - installs in /usr
#    [s] - installs in /usr/share

# ================================= base OS ==================================

# ------------------------------- core Solaris -------------------------------

# KVM: K Virtual Machine (Sun follow-on to Java Virtual Machine)
# CS:  Core Solaris

SUNWckr                          CS kernel
SUNWcsd                          CS devices
SUNWcnetr                        CS network
SUNWcsr                          CS software [r]
SUNWcsu                          CS software [u]
SUNWcslr                         CS libraries [r]
SUNWcsl                          CS libraries [u]
SUNWcar                          CS architecture [r]
SUNWcakr                         CS architecture (kernel)
SUNWkvm                          CS architecture (KVM)

# -------------------------- admin/install software --------------------------

SUNWinst                         install software
SUNWfrdis                        install software (French)
SUNWesdis                        install software (Spanish)
SUNWswmt                         install/patch utilities
SUNWinstall-patch-utils-root     install/patch utilities [r]
SUNWpkgcmdsr                     package commands [r]
SUNWpkgcmdsu                     package commands [u]
SUNWadmr                         admin root
SUNWadmc                         admin core libraries
SUNWadmap                        admin applications
SUNWfrdma                        admin applications (French)
SUNWesdma                        admin applications (Spanish)
SUNWadmfw                        admin framework
SUNWadmfr                        admin framework configuration
SUNWadmlib-sysid                 admin system identification libraries
SUNWadmj                         admin/install Java libraries

# ---------------------- commonly referenced libraries -----------------------

SUNWlibC                         libC
SUNWlibCf                        libC (cfront version)
SUNWlibms                        libm [u]
SUNWlibmsr                       libm [r]
SUNWGlib                         Glib (GNU C library)
SUNWgccruntime                   GCC runtime libraries

# ------------------------- common network services --------------------------

# BIND: Berkeley Internet Name Domain (name service)
# FTP:  File Transfer Protocol
# NFS:  Network File System
# NIS:  Network Information System
# NTP:  Network Time Protocol
# SSH:  Secure Shell
# SSL:  Secure Sockets Layer
# TFTP: Trivial FTP
# TNS:  Trivial Name Server

SUNWbind                         BIND server and tools
SUNWbindr                        BIND server manifest
SUNWbipr                         FTP client, ping [r]
SUNWbip                          FTP client, ping [u]
SUNWftpr                         FTP server [r]
SUNWftpu                         FTP server [u]
SUNWkrbr                         Kerberos 5 [r]
SUNWkrbu                         Kerberos 5 [u]
SUNWnfsckr                       NFS client kernel [r]
SUNWnfscr                        NFS client [r]
SUNWnfscu                        NFS client [u]
SUNWnfsskr                       NFS server kernel [r]
SUNWnfssr                        NFS server [r]
SUNWnfssu                        NFS server [u]
SUNWnisr                         NIS [r]
SUNWnisu                         NIS [u]
SUNWntpr                         NTP [r]
SUNWntpu                         NTP [u]
SUNWrcmdc                        R-command clients
SUNWrcmdr                        R-command servers [r]
SUNWrcmds                        R-command servers [u]
SUNWroute                        routing protocols/daemons/commands [u]
SUNWsndmr                        sendmail [r]
SUNWsndmu                        sendmail [u]
SUNWcnsr                         small services (chargen,daytime,echo,) [r]
SUNWcnsu                         small services (chargen,daytime,echo,) [u]
SUNWsshr                         SSH client and utilities [r]
SUNWsshu                         SSH client and utilities [u]
SUNWsshdr                        SSH server [r]
SUNWsshdu                        SSH server [u]
SUNWsshcu                        SSH common [u]
SUNWopensslr                     OpenSSL [r]
SUNWopenssl-commands             OpenSSL commands [u]
SUNWopenssl-libraries            OpenSSL libraries [u]
SUNWtnetc                        telnet client
SUNWtnetr                        telnet server [r]
SUNWtnetd                        telnet server [u]
SUNWtftp                         TFTP server
SUNWtftpr                        TFTP server [r]
SUNWtnamr                        TNS [r]
SUNWtnamd                        TNS [u]

# =================== extended system utilities, freeware ====================

# XPG: X/Open Portability Guide (commands and utilities)

SUNWesu                          extended system utils (awk,bc,diff,sort,sum,)
SUNWzip                          zip
SUNWzlib                         zip library
SUNWbzip                         bzip
SUNWgzip                         gzip (GNU zip)
SUNWbash                         bash (GNU Bourne Again SHell)
SUNWflexruntime                  flex (GNU fast lex)
SUNWggrp                         ggrep (GNU grep)
SUNWgpch                         patch (GNU patch)
SUNWgtar                         gtar (GNU tar)
SUNWless                         less (GNU pager)
SUNWgcmn                         framework for GNU freeware
SUNWtcsh                         tcsh (Tenex C SHell)
SUNWxcu4                         XPG4 versions of common utilities 
SUNWxcu6                         XPG6 versions of common utilities

# --------------------------------- security ---------------------------------

# BART:     Basic Audit Reporting Tool (similar to Tripwire)
# BSM:      Basic Security Module
# GSS(API): Generic Security Service (Application Programming Interface)
# JSS:      Java Security Services
# RPCSEC:   Secure RPC (Sun/Open Network Computing)
# SASL:     Simple Authentication and Security Layer
# TLS:      Transport Layer Security

SUNWaccr                         system accounting [r]
SUNWaccu                         system accounting [u]
SUNWgss                          GSSAPI v2 [u]
SUNWgssk                         GSSAPI v2 (kernel)
SUNWgssc                         GSSAPI v2 config
SUNWgssdh                        GSS Diffie-Hellman
SUNWrsg                          RPCSEC_GSS
SUNWrsgk                         RPCSEC_GSS (kernel)
SUNWlibsasl                      SASL v2
SUNWtls                          TLS
SUNWjss                          JSS
SUNWipfr                         IP Filter utilities [r]
SUNWipfu                         IP Filter utilities [u]
SUNWaudit                        Java interface to BSM
SUNWbart                         BART

# ------------------------------- development --------------------------------

# IPC: Interprocess Communications
SUNWipc                          IPC utilities (ipcrm,ipcs)

# compatibility libraries (w/ SunOS 4)
SUNWbcp                          binary compatibility 
SUNWfbcp                         binary compatibility (French)
SUNWowbcp                        binary compatibility (OpenWindows)
SUNWfwbcp                        binary compatibility (OpenWindows) (French)
SUNWscbcp                        binary compatibility (SPARCompilers)
SUNWscpr                         source compatibility [r]
SUNWscpu                         source compatibility [u]
SUNWscplp                        source compatibility (SunSoft print) [u]

# programming tools
SUNWtoo                          programming tools (strings,truss,)
SUNWcpp                          C/C++/Objective C preprocessor
SUNWmdb                          modular debugger
SUNWmdbr                         modular debugger [r]

# GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program
# GTK:  GIMP Toolkit
SUNWGtkr                         GTK [r]
SUNWGtku                         GTK [u]

# Java
# I18N:  I(nternationalizatio)N (middle 18 letters replaced with '18')
# J2SDK: Java 2 Software Development Kit
# JAI:   Java Advanced Imaging
# JDIC:  JDesktop Integration Components
# JDK:   Java Development Kit
# JMF:   Java Media Framework
# SNMP:  Simple Network Management Protocol
SUNWj3rt                         JDK 1.4 runtime environment
SUNWj3irt                        JDK 1.4 runtime environment I18N
SUNWj5rt                         JDK 1.5 runtime environment
SUNWj5cfg                        JDK 1.5 host config
SUNWj3cfg                        JDK post configuration
SUNWjhrt                         Java help runtime
SUNWjai                          Java Advanced Imaging
SUNWjai-imageio                  Java Advanced Imaging image I/O tools
SUNWjmf                          Java Media Framework
SUNWjmfmp3                       Java Media Framework MP3 plugin
SUNWjavaapps                     Java demo applications (jdictionary,jedit,)
SUNWjsnmp                        Java SNMP API
SUNWjdic                         JDesktop Integration Components

# Perl
SUNWperl584core                  Perl 5.8.4 (core)
SUNWperl584usr                   Perl 5.8.4 [u]

# TCL: Tool Command Language
# TK:  TCL GUI toolkit
SUNWTcl                          TCL
SUNWTk                           TK

# ---------------------------------- locale ----------------------------------

SUNWloc                          system localization
SUNWlccom                        localization common files
SUNWnamos                        N. America OS support
SUNWnamdt                        N. America CDE support
SUNWnamow                        N. America OW support
SUNWweuos                        W. Europe OS support
SUNWweudt                        W. Europe CDE support
SUNWweuow                        W. Europe OW support
SUNWseuos                        S. Europe OS support
SUNWseudt                        S. Europe CDE support
SUNWseuow                        S. Europe OW support
SUNWeu8os                        OS support
SUNWfriso1                       OS support (French)
SUNWesiso1                       OS support (Spanish)
SUNWeuluf                        OS/NW message files
SUNWfros                         OS/NW message files (French)
SUNWesos                         OS/NW message files (Spanish)
SUNWfsfw                         freeware message files (French)
SUNWesfw                         freeware message files (Spanish)

# --------------------------- system documentation ---------------------------

SUNWman                          online manual
SUNWdoc                          man page fonts and tools (nroff,troff,)
SUNWsolnm                        OS release date and build info (/etc/release)

# ============================= devices/drivers ==============================

# ---------------------------------- audio -----------------------------------

SUNWaudd                         audio drivers
SUNWauda                         audio applications
SUNWaudf                         audio sound files

# ----------------------------------- CPU ------------------------------------

# CPC: CPU Performance Counter
SUNWcpc                          CPC driver
SUNWcpcu                         CPC libraries and utilities

# ---------------------------------- disks -----------------------------------

# AutoFS (automatic mounting/dismounting file systems)
SUNWatfsr                        autofs configuration and start-up files [r]
SUNWatfsu                        autofs utilities and daemon (automountd) [u]

# Volume Manager (DiskSuite follow-on) and Assistant
SUNWmdr                          Volume Manager [r]
SUNWmdu                          Volume Manager [u]
SUNWmdar                         Volume Manager Assistant [r]
SUNWmdau                         Volume Manager Assistant [u]

# SSA: SPARCstorage Array
SUNWssad                         SSA drivers

# storage management APIs
SUNWsmapi                        storage management APIs

# --------------------------------- graphics ---------------------------------

SUNWfbc                          generic frame buffer configuration utility

# PGX64 (successor to PGX32 graphics card; Sun uses ATI's Rage XL M64 card)
SUNWm64                          M64 graphics system software & device driver
SUNWm64cf                        M64 graphics configuration software
SUNWm64w                         M64 graphics window system support

# XVR hardware graphics accelerator (successor to Expert3D line; codename jfb)
SUNWjfbr                         XVR-600/1200 graphics system software [r]
SUNWjfb                          XVR-600/1200 graphics system software/driver
SUNWjfbcf                        XVR-600/1200 graphics configuration software
SUNWjfbw                         XVR-600/1200 graphics window system support

# --------------------------------- network ----------------------------------

# ethernet
SUNWerid                         Sun RIO 10/100Mb ethernet drivers
SUNWced                          Sun GigaSwift ethernet adapter driver
SUNWged                          Sun Gigabit ethernet adapter driver
SUNWqfed                         Sun Quad FastEthernet adapter driver
SUNWxge                          S2IO Xframe 10Gb ethernet adapter driver
SUNWixgb                         Intel PRO/10Gb ethernet adapter driver
SUNWvld                          Sun ethernet VLAN utility routines

# fibre channel
# FCA:   Fibre Channel Adapter
# FCADB: Fibre Channel Assembly Debugger
# FCIP:  Fibre Channel over IP
# FCP:   Fibre Channel Protocol
# FCSM:  Fibre Channel Signal Modeling
# FCT:   Fibre Channel Transport
# FP:    Fibre Channel Port Driver (Sun)
# HBA:   Host Bus Adapter
# SENA:  Sun Enterprise Network Array (high-avail. mass storage subsystem)
SUNWjfcau                        JNI (Corp.) FCA [u]
SUNWjfca                         JNI (Corp.) FCA device driver
SUNWqlc                          Qlogic FCA ISP 2200/2202 device driver
SUNWfcp                          FCP SCSI device driver
SUNWfcip                         FCIP IP/ARP over fibre channel device driver
SUNWfcsm                         FCSM driver
SUNWfcmdb                        FCADB macros and mdb modules
SUNWfctl                         FCT layer
SUNWluxop                        SENA firmware and utilities
SUNWluxopr                       SENA libraries
SUNWcfplr                        FP cfgadm plug-in library [r]
SUNWcfpl                         FP cfgadm plug-in library
SUNWfchbar                       fibre channel HBA library [r]
SUNWfchba                        fibre channel HBA library [u]
SUNWcfclr                        fibre channel HBA API library [r]
SUNWcfcl                         fibre channel HBA API library [u]

# FireWire (Apple's implementation of IEEE 1394 high speed serial bus)
SUNW1394                         IEEE1394 framework
SUNWav1394                       IEEE1394 AV driver
SUNWscsa1394                     IEEE1394 mass storage driver
SUNWfwdc                         IEEE1394 video conferencing driver
SUNWfwdcu                        IEEE1394 video conferencing support [u]

# InfiniBand (high speed bus)
# uDAPL: user Direct Access Programming Library
# Tavor HCA (Host Channel Adapter) InfiniBand driver
SUNWib                           InfiniBand framework
SUNWrpcib                        InfiniBand plugin to RPC over RDMA
SUNWipoib                        IP over InfiniBand
SUNWtavor                        Tavor HCA driver
SUNWudapltr                      Tavor uDAPL [r]
SUNWudapltu                      Tavor uDAPL [u]
SUNWudaplr                       uDAPL [r]
SUNWudaplu                       uDAPL [u]

# LLC: IEEE 802.2 Logical Link Control 2 service (Unused by TCP/IP (in favor
#   of 'type' field); used by AppleTalk (and others?))
SUNWllc                          LLC2 driver and initialization programs
SUNWllcr                         LLC2 driver config and startup files [r]

# PCI: Peripheral Component Interconnect/Interface
SUNWpd                           PCI drivers

# SBus
SUNWhmd                          SunSwift SBus adapter drivers
SUNWhmdu                         SunSwift SBus adapter headers

# Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI)
SUNWqus                          QLogic Ultra3 SCSI [r]
SUNWqusu                         QLogic Ultra3 SCSI [u]
SUNWiscsir                       iSCSI device driver [r]
SUNWiscsiu                       iSCSI management utilities [u]
SUNWses                          SCSI enclosure services device driver

# serial
SUNWsbp2                         Serial Bus Protocol 2 module

# USB: Universal Serial Bus
SUNWuedg                         USB Digi Edgeport serial driver
SUNWusbs                         USB generic serial module
SUNWugen                         USB generic driver
SUNWusb                          USB device drivers

# ----------------------------- power management -----------------------------

SUNWpmr                          PM config file and RC script
SUNWpmu                          PM binaries
SUNWcpr                          PM suspend/resume modules
SUNWpmowr                        PM OpenWindows utilities [r]
SUNWpmowu                        PM OpenWindows utilities [u]
SUNWfrpmw                        PM OpenWindows utilities (French)
SUNWespmw                        PM OpenWindows utilities (Spanish)

# --------------------------------- printer ----------------------------------

# FSG:  Free Standards Group
# IPP:  Internet Printing Protocol
# PAPI: Print Application Programming Interface
# PPD:  PostScript Printer Description

SUNWpcr                          LP client [r]
SUNWpcu                          LP client [u]
SUNWpsr                          LP server [r]
SUNWpsu                          LP server [u]
SUNWppm                          LP manager
SUNWlpmsg                        LP alerts
SUNWa2psr                        a2ps - GNU any to PostScript filter [r]
SUNWa2psu                        a2ps - GNU any to PostScript filter [u]
SUNWpsf                          PostScript filters [u]
SUNWpsutils                      PostScript utilities
SUNWffiltersr                    Foomatic print filters [r]
SUNWffiltersu                    Foomatic print filters [u]
SUNWfppd                         Foomatic PPDs
SUNWimagick                      ImageMagick (image manipulation utils & libs)
SUNWmp                           (Mail Print) pretty-printing tool and filters
SUNWpapi                         FSG Open PAPI
SUNWpsm-lpd                      FSG Open PAPI print service module
SUNWippcore                      IPP core libraries [u]
SUNWgimpprint                    printer drivers (Canon, Epson, Lexmark & PCL)
SUNWhpijs                        HP InkJet server

# ----------------------------- removable media ------------------------------

# UDF: Universal Disk Format 1.50 file system (replacement for ISO 9660 CD
#   standard, used primarily for DVDs)
SUNWudf                          UDF [u]
SUNWudfr                         UDF [r]
SUNWvolr                         volume management [r]
SUNWvolu                         volume management [u]

# -------------------------------- smart card --------------------------------

# OCF: OpenCard Framework
SUNWocf                          OCF libraries and utilities
SUNWocfr                         OCF config files
SUNWscmhdlr                      external Smart Card reader
SUNWstc                          internal Smart Card reader
SUNWjcom                         Java Smart Card support
SUNWpamsc                        PAM Smart Card module
SUNWpcsclite                     PS/SC-lite SCF shim
SUNWjib                          iButton OCF Card terminal driver

# ---------------------------------- misc. -----------------------------------

SUNWkey                          keyboard configuration
SUNWter                          terminfo database

# PICL: Platform Information and Control Library
# PICL daemon stores and retrieves platform-specific device data.
SUNWpiclr                        PICL framework [r]
SUNWpiclu                        PICL libraries and plugins

# =========================== graphics (software) ============================

# ---------------------------------- fonts -----------------------------------

# ALE: Asian Language Environment
# STSF: Standard Type Services Framework
# X11 ISO-8859-x required fonts

SUNWale                          ALE common files
SUNWhttf                         Chinese (traditional) True Type fonts
SUNW5ttf                         Chinese (traditional) True Type fonts (BIG5)
SUNWcttf                         Chinese (simplified) True Type fonts (EUC)
SUNWgttf                         Chinese (simplified) True Type fonts (GBK)
SUNWinttf                        Indic True Type fonts
SUNWjxcft                        Japanese True Type fonts (required)
SUNWkttf                         Korean True Type fonts
SUNW1251f                        Russian 1251 fonts (MS Cyrillic code page)
SUNWeurf                         global fonts
SUNWi1of                         X11 ISO8859-1  optional fonts (Latin-1)
SUNWi2rf                         X11 ISO8859-2  required fonts
SUNWi4rf                         X11 ISO8859-4  required fonts
SUNWi5rf                         X11 ISO8859-5  required fonts
SUNWi7rf                         X11 ISO8859-7  required fonts
SUNWi8rf                         X11 ISO8859-8  required fonts
SUNWi9rf                         X11 ISO8859-9  required fonts
SUNWi13rf                        X11 ISO8859-13 required fonts
SUNWi15rf                        X11 ISO8859-15 required fonts
SUNWkoi8f                        X11 KOI8-R fonts
SUNWkxfnt                        X11 Korean required fonts
SUNWarrf                         X11 Arabic required fonts
SUNWtxfnt                        X11 Thai required fonts
SUNW5xmft                        X11 Chinese (traditional) req. fonts (BIG5)
SUNWcxmft                        X11 Chinese (simplified) required fonts (EUC)
SUNWjxmft                        X11 Japanese required fonts (bitmap)
SUNWkxmft                        X11 Korean required fonts (UTF-8)
SUNWfdl                          font downloader
SUNWffdl                         font downloader (French)
SUNWefdl                         font downloader (Spanish)
SUNWfontconfig                   fontconfig library
SUNWfontconfig-root              fontconfig library config files
SUNWfreetype2                    FreeType2 font library
SUNWstsf                         Standard Type Services Framework
SUNWstsfr                        Standard Type Services Framework [r]
SUNWxwxft                        Xft (X FreeType) library

# -------------------------------- libraries ---------------------------------

# mediaLib (C functions supporting multimedia processing)
SUNWmlib                         mediaLib shared libraries
SUNWmlibl                        mediaLib library links

# Sun OpenGL: Sun's implementation of Open Graphics Library
SUNWglsr                         Sun OpenGL runtime generic software
SUNWglrt                         Sun OpenGL runtime libraries
SUNWglrtx                        Sun OpenGL runtime libraries (64-bit)
SUNWglrtu                        Sun OpenGL runtime libraries (platform-spec.)
SUNWgldp                         Sun OpenGL device pipeline support
SUNWgldpx                        Sun OpenGL device pipeline support (64-bit)
SUNWglsrz                        Sun OpenGL optimized SW rasterizer
SUNWglsrx                        Sun OpenGL optimized SW rasterizer (64-bit)

# XIL: X11 Imaging Library (Sun cross-platform imaging API, declared obsolete)
SUNWxilrl                        XIL runtime environment
SUNWxildh                        XIL loadable pipeline libraries
SUNWxilow                        XIL OpenWindows loadable pipeline libraries
SUNWxilvl                        VIS/XIL Support

# XML:  eXtensible Markup Language
# XSLT: eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
SUNWlxml                         XML library
SUNWlexpt                        XML parser library (libexpat)
SUNWlxsl                         XSLT library

# ToolTalk (interapplication communication used by Sun mostly for CDE and OW)
SUNWtltk                         ToolTalk runtime, libraries, headers
SUNWftltk                        ToolTalk I18N (French)
SUNWetltk                        ToolTalk I18N (Spanish)

# --------------------------------- X Window ---------------------------------

# ICE: Inter-Client Exchange (facilitates exchanges between X clients/servers,
#   and needed for OpenSSH X Window tunneling)

SUNWxwdv                         X11 kernel device drivers
SUNWxwmod                        X11 OpenWindows kernel module
SUNWxwplt                        X11 platform software (client,server,Xlib,)
SUNWfxplt                        X11 platform software (French)
SUNWexplt                        X11 platform software (Spanish)
SUNWxwplr                        X11 platform software configuration
SUNWxwpl                         X11 platform-specific software
SUNWxwrtl                        X11 runtime library links in /usr/lib
SUNWxorg-clientlibs              X11 client libraries
SUNWxwice                        X11 ICE library and iceauth
SUNWxwdxm                        X11 Display PostScript (DPS) motif library
SUNWxwsrv                        X11 virtual servers
SUNWxwxst                        X11 server extension (XST)
SUNWxim                          X11 Input Method server
SUNWxwhl                         X11 header links in /usr/include
SUNWxwfs                         X11 font server
SUNWxwfa                         X11 font administrator
SUNWxwfnt                        X11 required fonts
SUNWxwcft                        X11 optional common fonts
SUNWxwoft                        X11 optional fonts
SUNWxwpft                        X11 printer fonts
SUNWxwcsl                        X11 font support library for type1/CID fonts
SUNWxi18n                        X11 internationalization common package
SUNWi1cs                         X11 ISO8859-1 codeset support
SUNWi7cs                         X11 ISO8859-7  codeset support
SUNWi15cs                        X11 ISO8859-15 codeset support
SUNWxwsvr                        X11 screen saver
SUNWfrxwsvr                      X11 screen saver (French)
SUNWesxwsvr                      X11 screen saver (Spanish)
SUNWxwpsr                        X11 sun4u-optimized auxiliary filter modules
SUNWxwopt                        X11 opt. MIT core client/server extensions
SUNWxwdem                        X11 demo programs
SUNWxwdim                        X11 demo images
# Motif (OSF X Window user interface)
SUNWmfrun                        Motif runtime
# AccessX: provides alternate keyboard input mechanisms for the disabled
SUNWxwacx                        X11 AccessX client
SUNWfwacx                        X11 AccessX client (French)
SUNWewacx                        X11 AccessX client (Spanish)

# --------------------------------- desktops ---------------------------------

# CDE (Common Desktop Environment)
SUNWdtcor                        CDE file system anchor (/usr/dt)
SUNWeudba                        CDE base
SUNWdtdmn                        CDE daemons
SUNWdtdmr                        CDE daemons [r]
SUNWdtlog                        CDE system boot for desktop login
SUNWdtdte                        CDE login environment
SUNWeudlg                        CDE login environment (en_US)
SUNWfrdte                        CDE login environment (French)
SUNWesdte                        CDE login environment (Spanish)
SUNWdtbas                        CDE runtime environment
SUNWfrbas                        CDE runtime environment (French)
SUNWesbas                        CDE runtime environment (Spanish)
SUNWdtwm                         CDE window manager
SUNWeudmg                        CDE window manager (en_US)
SUNWfrwm                         CDE window manager (French)
SUNWeswm                         CDE window manager (Spanish)
SUNWdthe                         CDE help environment
SUNWfrhe                         CDE help environment (French)
SUNWeshe                         CDE help environment (Spanish)
SUNWdthev                        CDE help environment volumes
SUNWfrhev                        CDE help environment volumes (French)
SUNWeshev                        CDE help environment volumes (Spanish)
SUNWeudhr                        CDE help runtime (en_US)
SUNWeudhs                        CDE help runtime (en_US) (2)
SUNWdticn                        CDE icons
SUNWeudis                        CDE icons (en_US)
SUNWdtdst                        CDE desktop applications
SUNWeudda                        CDE desktop applications (en_US)
SUNWfrdst                        CDE desktop applications (French)
SUNWesdst                        CDE desktop applications (Spanish)
SUNWdtezt                        CDE desktop extensions applications
SUNWdtjxt                        CDE Java extensions
SUNWeuezt                        CDE Power Pack applications (en_US)
SUNWdthez                        CDE Power Pack help volumes
SUNWfrhez                        CDE Power Pack help volumes (French)
SUNWeshez                        CDE Power Pack help volumes (Spanish)
SUNWdtscm                        CDE dtpower schemes
SUNWdtim                         CDE image viewer
SUNWeudiv                        CDE Image viewer (en_US)
SUNWfrim                         CDE image viewer (French)
SUNWesim                         CDE image viewer (Spanish)
SUNWspl                          CDE spell checker
SUNWfrspl                        CDE spell checker (French)
SUNWesspl                        CDE spell checker (Spanish)
SUNWscgui                        CDE Smart Card admin GUI
SUNWfscgu                        CDE Smart Card admin GUI (French)
SUNWescgu                        CDE Smart Card admin GUI (Spanish)
SUNWpdas                         CDE PDA synchronization
SUNWfpdas                        CDE PDA synchronization (French)
SUNWepdas                        CDE PDA synchronization (Spanish)

# OpenWindows

SUNWeuodf                        OPEN LOOK X11 core desktop files (en_US)
SUNWolrte                        OPEN LOOK toolkits/runtime
SUNWforte                        OPEN LOOK toolkits/runtime (French)
SUNWeorte                        OPEN LOOK toolkits/runtime (Spanish)
SUNWeu8df                        OpenWindows core desktop files (en_US)
SUNWeuxwe                        OpenWindows X11 environment (en_US)
SUNWplow                         OpenWindows for partial locales
SUNWplowr                        OpenWindows for partial locales [r]
SUNWplow1                        OpenWindows for partial locales (suppl.)
SUNWvid                          OpenWindows video timing information

# JDS: Java Desktop System
SUNWjre-config                   JDS Java runtime integration
SUNWjre-config-plugin            JDS Java runtime integration (plug-in)
SUNWapoc                         JDS configuration agent
SUNWapdc                         JDS configuration agent wizard
SUNWapdc-root                    JDS configuration agent wizard launch menu
SUNWapmsc                        JDS configuration agent miscellaneous files
SUNWapbas                        JDS configuration shared libraries
SUNWapcj                         JDS configuration adapter for Java prefs
SUNWjdsrm                        JDS upgrade package remove
SUNWjdsver                       JDS version info
SUNWjds-registration             JDS customer registration application
SUNWglow                         JDS Sun Java Calendar preview

# ---------------------------------- GNOME -----------------------------------

# GNOME: GNU Network Object Model Environment
# GNOME base libraries
# EXIF: Exchangeable Image File Format (used by most digital cameras)
# Ogg Vorbis: audio compression format ('Ogg' is a term from the network game
#   Netrek; 'Vorbis' is the  name of a character from the book _Small Gods_.)
SUNWgnome-base-libs              GNOME base GUI libraries [u]
SUNWgnome-base-libs-root         GNOME base GUI libraries [r]
SUNWgnome-base-libs-share        GNOME base GUI libraries [s]
SUNWaspell                       Spell Checker
SUNWaspell-share                 Spell Checker [s]
SUNWaspell-en                    Spell Checker (English)
SUNWaspell-en-share              Spell Checker (English) [s]
SUNWlibpopt                      command line parsing library
SUNWlibexif                      libexif
SUNWogg-vorbis                   Ogg Vorbis (audio compression format)
# GNOME runtime
# VFS: Virtual File System
SUNWgnome-component              GNOME CORBA ORB and component framework [u]
SUNWgnome-component-root         GNOME CORBA ORB and component framework [r]
SUNWgnome-session                GNOME session manager [u]
SUNWgnome-session-root           GNOME session manager [r]
SUNWgnome-session-share          GNOME session manager [s]
SUNWgnome-wm                     GNOME window manager [u]
SUNWgnome-wm-root                GNOME window manager [r]
SUNWgnome-wm-share               GNOME window manager [s]
SUNWgnome-file-mgr               GNOME file manager [u]
SUNWgnome-file-mgr-root          GNOME file manager [r]
SUNWgnome-file-mgr-share         GNOME file manager [s]
SUNWgnome-config                 GNOME configuration framework [u]
SUNWgnome-config-root            GNOME configuration framework [r]
SUNWgnome-config-share           GNOME configuration framework [s]
SUNWgnome-dtlogin-integration    GNOME desktop dtlogin config files [u]
SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs          GNOME desktopwide preference config tools [u]
SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs-root     GNOME desktopwide preference config tools [r]
SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs-share    GNOME desktopwide preference config tools [s]
SUNWgnome-help-viewer            GNOME help system [u]
SUNWgnome-help-viewer-share      GNOME help system [s]
SUNWgnome-user-docs              GNOME user documentation [s]
SUNWgnome-audio                  GNOME audio support framework [u]
SUNWgnome-audio-root             GNOME audio support framework [r]
SUNWgnome-audio-share            GNOME audio support framework [s]
SUNWgnome-removable-media        GNOME removable media support [u]
SUNWgnome-removable-media-share  GNOME removable media support [s]
SUNWgnome-print                  GNOME printing technology [u]
SUNWgnome-print-root             GNOME printing technology [r]
SUNWgnome-print-share            GNOME printing technology [s]
SUNWgnome-libs                   GNOME libraries [u]
SUNWgnome-libs-root              GNOME libraries [r]
SUNWgnome-libs-share             GNOME libraries [s]
SUNWgnome-panel                  GNOME panel and support libraries [u]
SUNWgnome-panel-root             GNOME panel and support libraries [r]
SUNWgnome-panel-share            GNOME panel and support libraries [s]
SUNWgnome-themes                 GNOME themes and support libraries [u]
SUNWgnome-themes-share           GNOME themes and support libraries [s]
SUNWgnome-freedb-libs            GNOME free CD database access library [u]
SUNWgnome-freedb-libs-root       GNOME free CD database access library [r]
SUNWgnome-freedb-libs-share      GNOME free CD database access library [s]
SUNWgnome-xml-root               GNOME XML catalogs [r]
SUNWgnome-xml-share              GNOME XML stylesheets [s]
SUNWgnome-vfs                    GNOME VFS & appl./MIME type registry [u]
SUNWgnome-vfs-root               GNOME VFS & appl./MIME type registry [r]
SUNWgnome-vfs-share              GNOME VFS & appl./MIME type registry [s]
# GNOME applications
# APOC:  A Point Of Control
SUNWgnome-display-mgr            GNOME Display Manager
SUNWgnome-display-mgr-root       GNOME Display Manager [r]
SUNWgnome-display-mgr-share      GNOME Display Manager [s]
SUNWgnome-utility-applets        GNOME panel applets [u]
SUNWgnome-utility-applets-root   GNOME panel applets [r]
SUNWgnome-utility-applets-share  GNOME panel applets [s]
SUNWgnome-internet-applets       GNOME panel applets - internet [u]
SUNWgnome-internet-applets-root  GNOME panel applets - internet [r]
SUNWgnome-internet-applets-share GNOME panel applets - internet [s]
SUNWgnome-intranet-applets       GNOME panel applets - intranet [u]
SUNWgnome-intranet-applets-root  GNOME panel applets - intranet [r]
SUNWgnome-intranet-applets-share GNOME panel applets - intranet [s]
SUNWgnome-mm-applets             GNOME panel applets - multimedia [u]
SUNWgnome-mm-applets-root        GNOME panel applets - multimedia [r]
SUNWgnome-mm-applets-share       GNOME panel applets - multimedia [s]
SUNWgnome-jdshelp                GNOME Java help
SUNWgnome-jdshelp-share          GNOME Java help [s]
SUNWgnome-archive-mgr            GNOME archive manager [u]
SUNWgnome-archive-mgr-root       GNOME archive manager [r]
SUNWgnome-archive-mgr-share      GNOME archive manager [s]
SUNWgnome-calculator             GNOME calculator
SUNWgnome-calculator-root        GNOME calculator [r]
SUNWgnome-calculator-share       GNOME calculator [s]
SUNWgnome-cd                     GNOME CD player [u]
SUNWgnome-cd-root                GNOME CD player [r]
SUNWgnome-cd-share               GNOME CD player [s]
SUNWgnome-cd-burner              GNOME CD burner
SUNWgnome-cd-burner-root         GNOME CD burner [r]
SUNWgnome-cd-burner-share        GNOME CD burner [s]
SUNWgnome-dictionary             GNOME dictionary tool [u]
SUNWgnome-dictionary-root        GNOME dictionary tool [r]
SUNWgnome-dictionary-share       GNOME dictionary tool [s]
SUNWgnome-camera                 GNOME digital camera tool
SUNWgnome-camera-share           GNOME digital camera tool [s]
SUNWgnome-character-map          GNOME character map utility [u]
SUNWgnome-character-map-share    GNOME character map utility [s]
SUNWgnome-search-tool            GNOME file search tool [u]
SUNWgnome-search-tool-root       GNOME file search tool [r]
SUNWgnome-search-tool-share      GNOME file search tool [s]
SUNWgnome-hex-editor             GNOME hex editor [u]
SUNWgnome-hex-editor-root        GNOME hex editor [r]
SUNWgnome-hex-editor-share       GNOME hex editor [s]
SUNWgnome-hex-editor-devel       GNOME hex editor developer files [u]
SUNWgnome-img-editor             GNOME image editor
SUNWgnome-img-editor-root        GNOME image editor [r]
SUNWgnome-img-editor-share       GNOME image editor [s]
SUNWgnome-img-viewer             GNOME image viewer [u]
SUNWgnome-img-viewer-root        GNOME image viewer [r]
SUNWgnome-img-viewer-share       GNOME image viewer [s]
SUNWgnome-media-player           GNOME Media Player
SUNWgnome-media-player-root      GNOME Media Player [r]
SUNWgnome-media-player-share     GNOME Media Player [s]
SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer             GNOME PDF viewer
SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer-root        GNOME PDF viewer [r]
SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer-share       GNOME PDF viewer [s]
SUNWgnome-perf-meter             GNOME Performance Meter [u]
SUNWgnome-perf-meter-root        GNOME Performance Meter [r]
SUNWgnome-perf-meter-share       GNOME Performance Meter [s]
SUNWgnome-ps-viewer              GNOME PostScript viewer [u]
SUNWgnome-ps-viewer-root         GNOME PostScript viewer [r]
SUNWgnome-ps-viewer-share        GNOME PostScript viewer [s]
SUNWgnome-project                GNOME Project Planner
SUNWgnome-project-share          GNOME Project Planner [s]
SUNWgnome-sound-recorder         GNOME sound recording utilities [u]
SUNWgnome-sound-recorder-root    GNOME sound recording utilities [r]
SUNWgnome-sound-recorder-share   GNOME sound recording utilities [s]
SUNWgnome-spell                  GNOME spell checker
SUNWgnome-spell-share            GNOME spell checker [s]
SUNWgnome-sys-suspend            GNOME sys-suspend application
SUNWgnome-sys-suspend-share      GNOME sys-suspend application [s]
SUNWgnome-terminal               GNOME terminal emulator [u]
SUNWgnome-terminal-root          GNOME terminal emulator [r]
SUNWgnome-terminal-share         GNOME terminal emulator [s]
SUNWgnome-text-editor            GNOME text editor [u]
SUNWgnome-text-editor-root       GNOME text editor [r]
SUNWgnome-text-editor-share      GNOME text editor [s]
SUNWgnome-config-editor          GNOME configuration database editor [u]
SUNWgnome-config-editor-share    GNOME configuration database editor [s]
SUNWgnome-dialog                 GNOME graphical dialog box generator
SUNWgnome-dialog-share           GNOME graphical dialog box generator [s]
SUNWgnome-im-client              GNOME multi-protocol instant messaging client
SUNWgnome-im-client-share        GNOME multi-protocol instant messaging cl [s]
SUNWgnome-media                  GNOME streaming media framework
SUNWgnome-media-root             GNOME streaming media framework [r]
SUNWgnome-media-share            GNOME streaming media framework [s]
SUNWgnome-fonts                  GNOME Unicode and Korean TrueType fonts
SUNWapoc-adapter-gconf           APOC GConf adapter
# A11Y: A(ccessibilit)Y (middle 11 letters replaced with '11')
SUNWgnome-a11y-libs              GNOME A11Y implementation [u]
SUNWgnome-a11y-libs-share        GNOME A11Y implementation [s]
SUNWgnome-a11y-base-libs         GNOME A11Y base libraries [u]
SUNWgnome-a11y-gok               GNOME A11Y on-screen Keyboard [u]
SUNWgnome-a11y-gok-root          GNOME A11Y on-screen Keyboard [r]
SUNWgnome-a11y-gok-share         GNOME A11Y on-screen Keyboard [s]
SUNWgnome-a11y-reader            GNOME A11Y screen reader and magnifier [u]
SUNWgnome-a11y-reader-root       GNOME A11Y screen reader and magnifier [r]
SUNWgnome-a11y-reader-share      GNOME A11Y screen reader and magnifier [s]
SUNWgnome-a11y-speech            GNOME A11Y text-to-speech engine [u]
SUNWgnome-a11y-speech-share      GNOME A11Y text-to-speech engine [s]
SUNWgnome-a11y-poke              GNOME A11Y support tool [u]
SUNWgnome-a11y-poke-share        GNOME A11Y support tool [s]
# GNOME graphics support
# PNG: Portable Network Graphics 
SUNWjpg                          JPEG software
SUNWpng                          PNG library
SUNWTiff                         TIFF read/write library (libtiff)
# GNOME locale files
SUNWgnome-l10ndocument-fr        GNOME document files (French)
SUNWgnome-l10ndocument-es        GNOME document files (Spanish)
SUNWgnome-l10nmessages-fr        GNOME message files (French)
SUNWgnome-l10nmessages-es        GNOME message files (Spanish)

# --------------------------- desktop applications ---------------------------

# Evolution (suite of email and calendaring tools used by GNOME)
SUNWevolution                    Evolution email and calendar
SUNWevolution-root               Evolution email and calendar [r]
SUNWevolution-share              Evolution email and calendar [s]
SUNWevolution-libs               Evolution email and calendar support libs
SUNWevolution-libs-share         Evolution email and calendar support libs [s]
# Following libraries used by Evolution:
# TLS: Transport Layer Security
SUNWlibgcrypt                    libgcrypt (GNU cryptographic library)
SUNWgnutls                       libgnutls (GNU TLS library)
# Following packages provide interfaces to MS products:
# SOCS: Sun One Calendar Server
SUNWevolution-exchange           Exchange connector for Evolution [u]
SUNWevolution-exchange-root      Exchange connector for Evolution [r]
SUNWevolution-exchange-share     Exchange connector for Evolution [s]
SUNWevolution-socs-connect       SOCS connector for Evolution
SUNWevolution-socs-connect-share SOCS connector for Evolution [s]

# Ghostscript: PostScript interpreter, utilities, and libraries
# ESP:   Easy Software Projects
# ESPGS: ESP (GNU) Ghostscript
SUNWgscr                         ESPGS (enhanced Ghostscript)
SUNWgsfst                        GNU Ghostscript fonts (standard)
SUNWgsfot                        GNU Ghostscript fonts (other)

# Mozilla
# APOC: A Point Of Control
# DOM:  Document Object Model
SUNWmozilla                      Mozilla
SUNWmoznss                       Mozilla Network Security Services
SUNWmozjs-debugger               Mozilla JavaScript debugger
SUNWmozgm                        Mozilla GNOME integration
SUNWmozapoc-adapter              Mozilla APOC adapter
SUNWmoznspr                      Mozilla Netscape Portable Runtime
SUNWfrmoz                        Mozilla localization (French)
SUNWesmoz                        Mozilla localization (Spanish)
SUNWacroread                     Mozilla Acrobat reader
SUNWacroread-plugin              Mozilla Acrobat reader (plugin)
SUNWmozchat                      Mozilla Chatzilla
SUNWmozdom-inspector             Mozilla DOM inspector
SUNWmozmail                      Mozilla mail
SUNWmozpsm                       Mozilla Personal Security Manager
SUNWmozspell                     Mozilla spelling checker

# Netscape
SUNWpr                           Netscape Portable Runtime

# StarOffice
SUNWsom                      StarOffice
SUNWsogm                     StarOffice GNOME menu integration

# =========================== internationalization ===========================

# CTL:   Complex Text Layout (for characters changing according to context)
# en_US: American English
# EUC:   Extended Unix Code (ISO 2022)
# File System Examiner: converts non-UTF-8 file names to UTF-8 format
# I18N:  I(nternationalizatio)N (middle 18 letters replaced with '18')
# iconv: international character code conversion utility
# IDN:   Internationalized Domain Name
# IIIM:  Internet/Intranet Input Method (platform-independent, multilingual
#          Unicode support; follow-on to XIM)
# UTF-8: Unicode Transformation Format (8-bit) (ISO 10646)
# XSH:   System Interfaces Technical Standard (Single UNIX project)

SUNWicu                          internat. components for unicode user files
SUNWlcl                          locale conversion library
SUNWautoef                       auto encoding finder (determines char coding)
SUNWuiu8                         iconv modules
SUNWdtct                         iconv GUI
SUNWciu8                         UTF-8 Chinese (simpl.) iconv modules (EUC)
SUNWhiu8                         UTF-8 Chinese (trad.)  iconv modules (EUC)
SUNWiniu8                        UTF-8 Indic iconv modules
SUNWjiu8                         UTF-8 Japanese iconv modules
SUNWkiu8                         UTF-8 Korean iconv modules
SUNWtiu8                         UTF-8 Thai iconv modules
SUNWulcf                         en_US (UTF-8) locale conversion (char)
SUNWuxlcf                        en_US (UTF-8) locale conversion (X11)
SUNWislcc                        XSH4 conversion for Eastern European locales
SUNWisolc                        XSH4 conversion for ISO Latin character sets
SUNWidnl                         IDN libraries
SUNWidnu                         IDN utilities
SUNWiiimr                        IIIM framework [r]
SUNWiiimu                        IIIM framework [u]
SUNWctlu                         CTL print utilities
SUNWctpls                        CTL portable layout services
SUNWfsexam                       File System Examiner
SUNWfsexam-root                  File System Examiner [r]

# ======================== Solaris-specific services =========================

# Containers
SUNWzoner                        Solaris Zones [r]
SUNWzoneu                        Solaris Zones [u]
# resource pools
SUNWpool                         resource pools
SUNWpoolr                        resource pools [r]
# resource management
SUNWrcapr                        Resource Capping Daemon [r]
SUNWrcapu                        Resource Capping Daemon [u]
SUNWfss                          Fair Share Scheduler
# zonecfg support
SUNWtecla                        Tecla command line editor

# DTrace: Dynamic Tracing (OS trace/debug tool)

SUNWdtrc                         DTrace clients
SUNWdtrp                         DTrace providers

# FMA: Fault Management Architecture ("predictive self-healing")
SUNWfmd                          Fault Management daemon and utilities

# Live Upgrade
SUNWlur                          Live Upgrade [r]
SUNWluu                          Live Upgrade [u]
SUNWluzone                       Live Upgrade (zones support)
SUNWfrlu                         Live Upgrade (French)
SUNWeslu                         Live Upgrade (Spanish)

# DMI:  Desktop Management Interface
# SEA:  Solstice Enterprise Agents (1.0.3)
# SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol
SUNWsacom                        SEA software [r]
SUNWmibii                        SEA SNMP daemon
SUNWsasnm                        SEA SNMP libraries
SUNWsadmi                        SEA DMI libraries

# SMA: System Management Agent
SUNWsmagt                        SMA files and libraries
SUNWsmcmd                        SMA applications and utilities
SUNWsmmgr                        SMA startup scripts

# SPR: Solaris Product Registry
SUNWwsrv                         SPR viewer
SUNWfrwsv                        SPR viewer (French)
SUNWeswsv                        SPR viewer (Spanish)
SUNWproduct-registry-root        SPR runtime support [r]
SUNWwsr2                         SPR & Web Start runtime support
SUNWfrws2                        SPR & Web Start runtime support (French)
SUNWesws2                        SPR & Web Start runtime support (Spanish)

# WBEM: Web-Based Enterprise Management
SUNWwbcor                        WBEM services [r]
SUNWwbcou                        WBEM services [u]
SUNWfrwbc                        WBEM services (French)
SUNWeswbc                        WBEM services (Spanish)
SUNWmgapp                        WBEM management applications
SUNWwbapi                        WBEM API
SUNWwbpro                        WBEM providers [u]
SUNWrmwbr                        WBEM resource management instrumentation [r]
SUNWrmwbu                        WBEM resource management instrumentation [u]

# ================================== misc. ===================================

# -------------------------- misc. network related ---------------------------

# LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Internet phone book)
SUNWlldap                        LDAP libraries

# IPMI: Intelligent Platform Management Interface (device management utility)
SUNWipmi                         ipmitool [u]

# Quality of Service (over IP)
SUNWqos                          IP QoS [r]
SUNWqosu                         IP QoS [u]

# SLP: Service Location Protocol (network resource discovery)
SUNWslpr                         SLP framework [r]
SUNWslpu                         SLP framework [u]

# WAN: Wide Area Network
SUNWwbsup                        WAN boot support

# ---------------------------- x86 compatibility -----------------------------

# Realmode: Sun package for attempting boot of Solaris onto an x86 system
SUNWbsr                          boot server daemons [r]
SUNWbsu                          boot server daemons [u]
SUNWrmodu                        Realmode modules [u]

# Samba: Server Message Block (MS file/print service protocol)
SUNWsmbac                        samba client
SUNWsmbar                        samba server [r]
SUNWsmbau                        samba server [u]
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